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The following table is based on a almost complete list of entries to the Put-in-Bay Road Races during the 1950's (it does not include the SCCA sanctioned 1963 race). The circumstances of the Put-in-Bay Road races (not having SCCA points, limited to cars under 2 liters and unusual race groupings) attracted a great combination of small bore cars.

It also gave many people a chance to give racing a try, so we find a number of first time drivers (including one time only drivers). There where 292 different race drivers listed -- "The Big List" of drivers can be found Here.

The cars consisted of SCCA small bore race cars (with a high number of H mod specials), Small bore sporty road cars and a number of just plain small (micro) cars. There where a total of 120 different Marque / Model of car (and a Morris Minor Truck) that participated in the Put-in-Bay races.

The following table has a list of all the Driver / Cars that raced.....the obvious duplicates (Brothers who shared a car) have been removed, but it is not known how many of the cars changed owners. In total there where 424 Car/Driver combinations that participated in the races.

A - C

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
A.C. Ace 3
A.C. Ace Cpe. 1
AC Bristol 3
Alfa Romeo 18
Allard 2/C 1
Arnolt Bristol 4
Arnolt MG 1
Auto Union 1
Bandini 4
Berkeley 6
Cisitalia 1
Cooper Climax 1
Crosley 7
Crosley (Allen sp) 1
Crosley (Dow Spec.) 1
Crosley Hotshot 2
Crosley Spec. 3
Crosley Sup. Sp. 2

D - F

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Dorreti 1
Elva 1500 1
Elva Courier 3
Elva Mk II 2
Elva Mk III 3
Elva Mk IV 2
Fageol Porsche 1
Fairthorpe 2
Fiat 2
Fiat 600 1
Fiat Abarth 3
Fiat Bianchina 1
Fiat Special 1
Frazer Nash 1

G - L

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Gates Special 1
Goggomobil 1
H.R.G. 1
Izetta 1
Kessel-Taylor 2
Kieft MG 1
Lester MG 3
Lotus LeMans 1
Lotus Mk VI 2
Lotus Mk VII 1

M - O

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Martin T 1
Maserati 1
MG 39
MG (mod.) 4
MGA 27
MGTC (mod.) 1
MGTF spec. 1
Morgan 9
Morgan Plus 4 2
Morris 3
Morris Minor 3

P - R

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Porsche 15
Porsche 550 4
Porsche Amer 2
Porsche Carrera 1
Porsche Cpe 1
Porsche Speedster 7
Porsche Spyder 2
Porsche Super 6
Renault 9
Renault Alpine 2
Renault CV4 1
Riley 1.5 1


Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Saab 2
Siata 7
Siata (mod) 1
Siata Crosley 2
Siata Offy 1
Siata Porsche 1
Siata Spyder 5
Siata V8 1
Simca 3
Singer SM 1
Sprite 15

T - Z

Listed Marque Entry Num. Driver/Car Races
Triumph 20
Triumph Tr2 6
Triumph Tr3 11
Turner 8
Volvo 3
VW (Ghia) 4
VW (Volkeswagon) 19

The PIB Course Marker Project

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Past Posters by Bob Colaizzi

Bob Colaizzi, infamous vintage racer and talented artist, has contributed PIBRRR posters each year since 2010.

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