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One of the highlights of the Put in Bay Road Race Reunions is the opportunity to see the original course, some of the original race cars and meet some of the original drivers.

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At the Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion June 2011, we had a wonderful panel discussion involving five returning racers (Dick Cook, Suzy Dietrich, Chuck Stoddard, Reed Andrews and Art Brow) and one volunteer corner worker (Bob Satava). They all shared their stories while we flashed a few selected photos on the screen -- images of our guest’s exploits that took place more than 50 years ago, but seemed “like yesterday” to them.



We plan to highlight some of those stories here:


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Art Brow, now at a very robust age 87, first raced at Put-in-Bay in an MGTC, then later an MGTD (which he still owns and drives and brought to the 2010 PIBRRR) and finally the light blue Turner pictured here. Art raced the Turner in ’58, as car number 21 shown on the long straight leading out of town toward the airport, and in ’59 as car 9, shown bruising a haybale at turn 2, a fast dogleg just opposite a field that provided the paddock for the races. PIB contributing photographer Stu Kerr, took these pictures as a young lad.

Here’s some of Art’s recollection of that hay bale encounter: 

“In that race I went from the last row to third in three laps, so I was doin' pretty good.  I had a visor mounted on the helmet . . . instead of my Army surplus goggles which I used sometimes.


So when I hit that haybale I turned and looked to see if I was dragging it, and the visor just took off! But I carried the goggles in the door pocket, and I’m driving down that mile-long airport straight trying to hold the goggles on my face and pull the strap over the back of the Cromwell helmet, and it took almost the entire straight to do it!  And I was still in 3rd gear!


So I finally was able to shift to 4th and the car almost leaped with the revs being so high. But I made the airport turn and the cemetery turn, and then the camshaft seized. So that was it for that race.”

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Art Brow in his own words;

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The PIB Course Marker Project

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Past Posters by Bob Colaizzi

Bob Colaizzi, infamous vintage racer and talented artist, has contributed PIBRRR posters each year since 2010.

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