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One of the highlights of the Put in Bay Road Race Reunions is the opportunity to see the original course, some of the original race cars and meet some of the original drivers.

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At the Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunion June 2011, we had a wonderful panel discussion involving five returning racers (Dick Cook, Suzy Dietrich, Chuck Stoddard, Reed Andrews and Art Brow) and one volunteer corner worker (Bob Satava). They all shared their stories while we flashed a few selected photos on the screen -- images of our guest’s exploits that took place more than 50 years ago, but seemed “like yesterday” to them.



We plan to highlight some of those stories here:


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You can find many photos of the Put-in-Bay 2011 Road Race Reunion in these galleries.

2011 Photos by Colin King
2011 Photos by John Rees
2011 Photos by Daniel Mainzer

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The 2011 edition of the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion (PIBRRR) is history, and by all accounts the event met or exceeded the previous years’ enjoyment factors in many key areas.


PIBRRR should be a significant event on the calendars of sports car enthusiasts because it celebrates sports car races held at Idyllic Put-in-Bay, Ohio in the ‘50s and early ‘60s.  MG, Porsche, Triumph, Morgan, Alfa Romeo, Lotus and many other sports car brands figured prominently in those races.  Read more about the PIBRRR activities after the jump:


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You can find many photo's of the Put-in-Bay 2010 Road Race Reunion in these galleries.




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2010 Photos by Colin King       

2010 Photos by John Rees

2010 Photos by Paul Henry
2010 PIBRRHS Photos



Put-in-Bay Road Race Reunions

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The PIB Course Marker Project

Start Finish Marker

Start/Finish Marker

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PIB Turn 1 Marker

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PIB Turn 4 Marker

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PIB Turn 5 Marker


Past Posters by Bob Colaizzi

Bob Colaizzi, infamous vintage racer and talented artist, has contributed PIBRRR posters each year since 2010.

2017 Poster

PIB 2016 6 4 FINAL FlatSM

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