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Ongoing Project to document the Races at Put-in-Bay.


There where Thirty entries but the race was stopped on Lap 4 due to rain and never restarted. We are still in need of an entry list.


 Put-in-Bay Road Race June. 1953
 FIRST RACE -1O Laps (31 Miles) for Stock MG
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  1 John Whitlock Pontiac. Mich. MG 1250
  2 Philip Thomas Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  3 Charles Ellmers Chagrin Falls. Ohio MG 1250
  4 Richard Quinn Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  5 Lawrence Mertaugh Lorain. Ohio MG 1250
  6 Malcolm Boardman Detroit. Mich MG 1250
  7 Henry Becker Cleve. Hghts.. Ohio MG 1250
  8 Thomas Richardson Alliance. Ohio MG 1250
  9 Ralph Cadwa1lader Clevelandq Ohio MG 1250
  10 Ralph Durbin Grand Rivér. Mich MG 1250
  11 Ronald McConnell Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  12 Alan Patterson Boston. Penna. MG 1250
  15 Peter Reece Willowick. Ohio MG 1250
  16 John Comey Chagrin Falls. Ohio MG 1250
  18 Elmer`Riedel Cleveland. Ohio. MG 1250
  20 Eugene Smith Akron. Ohio MG 1250 .
  21 Earl Kornfeld Twinsburgh. Ohio MG 1250
  22 Bob Hugus Pittsburgh. Penna MG 1250


SECOND RACE - 12 Laps (36 Miles) up to 1350 cc.
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  12 Alan Patterson Boston. Penna. MG 1250
  25 Stiles Twitchell Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  26 Wesley Staples Birmingham. Mich MG 1250
  30 Dick Gates Cleveland. Ohio Simca 1090
  31 Dick Yares Cleveland. Ohio Siata 736
  32 Edward Tierney Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  33 John Antos Pontiac. Mich. MG 1250
  40 Dick Gent Cleveland. Ohio Cisitalia 1090
  44 Elmo Howell Cleveland. Ohio MG 1288
  45 Philip Forsyth Elyria. Ohio Fiat 990
  66 George Phillips Pontiac. Mich MG


THIRD RACE 15 Laps (47 Miles) up to 1950 cc


No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  12 Alan Patterson Boston. Penna MG 1250
  51 Robert Shea Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250(s)
  52 Robert Lossman Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250(s)
  60 Phillip Cole Maumee. Ohio Singer 1497
  65 Don Janik Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250(s)
  72 George Webber. Jr. Cleveland. Ohio Arnolt MG 1250(s)
  83 John Monour Akron. Ohio Porsche 1488
  88 Antonine Stica Detroit. Mich. MG 1399
  95 Avery Morris Detroit. Mich. MG 1288(s)
  99 Dr.Sam Sheppard Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250(s)
  101 Bill Randle Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250(s) ’



First Race - 10:45 A.M.
10 laps (31 miles) -- Stock: MG
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  3 F. Eugene Smith Akron Ohio MG 1250
  4 Samuel S Lewis Akron Ohio MG 1250
  5 R. ]oe Weber Cleve. Hts. Ohio MG 1250
  7 N. P. deCoutville Akron Ohio MG 1250
  10 R. M. Gubbins Birmingham Mich. MG 1250
  12 Tony J.Hogg: Columbus Ohio MG 1250
  15 Charles R. Ellmers Chagrin Falls Ohio MG 1250
  16 Ted Jayne Cleveland Ohio MG 1250
  17 Jack Oettinger Shaker Hts Ohio MG 1250
  19 A Ralph Durbin Detroit Mich. MG 1250
  20 Ronald McConnell Lakewood Ohio MG 1250
  22 Edward Shea. Sr. Jamestown N. Y. MG 1250
  32 Malcolm Boardman Detroit Mich. MG 1250
  33 Odie C.. Ward Lincoln Prk Mich. MG 1250
  35 Dr. Sam Sheppard Bay Village Ohio MG 1250
  39 Donald Janik Lakewood Ohio MG 1250


Second Race - 11:30 A. M.
12 laps (37.2 miles) up to 1350 cc
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  1 Robert Losman Rocky Rivker Ohio MGTF 1250
  8 Gunnard Rubini Toledo Ohio Lotus MKVI 1057
  9 Herbert Whiting Cleveland. Ohio MG (mot) l250
  11 Leo McPherson Jr. Columbus Ohio MGTC (mod.) 1320
  14 James S. Ryan Cleveland Ohio MG (mod.) 1250
  26 William Picluel Jr Dayton Ohio Renault CV4 748
  27 John G. Whitlock Pontiac Mich. MG (mod.) 1250
  29 William Malion Columbus Ohio MGTF 1250
  30 Jim De.verw Cleveland Ohio MG (mod.) 1340
  34 Wallace Stickler Dayton Ohio Renault 750
  38 Louis Miralia Cleveland Ohio Crosley H.S. 750


Third Race - 2:15 P.M.
15 laps (46.5 miles) up to 1950 cc.
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Eng.(cc)
  2 Robert Losman Rocky River Ohio MG 1250(s)
  4 Theodore Kessel Massilloa Ohio MG 1250
  6 Lt.Col.Robt.Kuhn Fairborn Ohio Siata V8 1996
  8 Gunnard Rubini Toledo Qhio Lotus MKVI 1057
  13 J. Edward Hugus Pittsburgh Pa. Triumph 1991
  18 Hennry J. Dahi Warren Pa. Siata(mod) 1400
  21 Paul Flickinger Oak Ridge Tenn H.R.G. 1497
  23 Earl H. Uhr Lakewood Ohio Porsche 1488
  24 Charles Dietrich ]r. Sandusky Ohio MGTC 1300(s)
  25 William Pickrel.Jr. Dayton Ohio Porsche(Super) 1495
  28 George Phillips Pontiac Mich Porsche(super) 1500
  31 E.W. Howell Bay Village Ohio Kieft MG 1467
  36 Robert Shea Cleveland Ohio MGTC 1466
  37 Phillip Cole Maumee.Ohio Singer SM 1497


Put-in-Bay Road Races -- June 18, 1955
First Race - 10:30 am 10 laps (31 miles) - All MG-class G to 1300 cc. and Modified to TF54 Spec
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  1 Ted Jayne Cleveland.Ohio MGTD 1250
  2 Charlie Ellmers Chagrin Fa11s. Ohio MGTC 1250
 1st 6 Ronald McConnell Lakewood. Ohio MGTD 1250
  7 Rabert Rippel Avon Lake. Ohio MGTD 1250
  8 Michael Caparon Cleveland. Ohio MGTD 1250
  9 Ralph Cadwallader Cleveland. Ohio MGTC 1250
  12 E.H. Polack.II Wheel1ng W.Va. MGTC 1250
  15 John P. Curran M.D. E. Cleveland. Ohio MGTD 1250
  18 Jim Dever Cleveland. Ohio MGTC 1250
  19 Allan W. Hess Westlake. Ohio MGTD 1250
 2nd 21 Ralph Durbin Birmingham. Mich MGTF 1250
  29 Dale Smith Canal Fulton. Ohio MG MKII 1250
  33 Thomas Kramer Huron. Ohio MGTD 1250
  34 Robert Beverly Sandusky. Ohio MGTD 1250
  36 Orlie Ward Lincoln Park.Mich MGTF 1250
  40 Harry Constant Grosse Point.Mich MGTD 1250
  45 Maicolm Boardman Detroit. Mich. MGTD 1250
  46 Bob Barsantae.Jr. Ann Arbcr.Mich MGTD 1250
  161 Mike Ward Jr Lansing. Mich MGTD 1250


Second Race -11:15 AM 10 laps (31 miles) Class H. up to 750cc -G. 751 to 1300ce -F. 1301 to 1500cc - unsupercharged but maybe modified.
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  1 Ted Jayne Cleveland.Ohio MGTF spec. 1250
  2 Charlie Ellmers Chagrin Falls. Ohio MGTC 1250
  4 Ronald Kehl. Cleveland. Ohio MGTF 1466
  5 Bob Shea Cleveland. Ohio MGTC 1340
  8 Michael Caparon Cleveland. Ohio MG 1250
  11 Jack Arter Marion. Ohio Porsche Amer. 1488
 2nd 13 J.Edward Hugus Pittsburgh. Penna. Porsche Speeds 1486
  14 Franz Hannig Wheeling.W.VA. Siata Spyder 1098
 3rd 16 Henry Dahl Warren.Penna MGTF 1466
  26 Norman Bradley Euclid.Ohio Crosley 743
  29 Dale Emich Canal Fulton. Ohio MG MK11 1250
  30 Dick Gent Cleveland. Ohio Siata 742
 1st JP 31 Chuck Dietrich Sandusky. Ohio Lester MG 1289
  32 Fata Kramer Sandusky. Ohio Porsche Amer 1500
  35 Dina Burgess.Jr. Ada. Mich MG 1299
  38 Dick Gates Cleveland. Ohio Gates 1299
 1st 39 Jack Manting Big Rapids.Mich. Porsche Speeds 1499
  44 Jack Wilson Louisvillo. Ohio MGTF 1466
  50 Bert Lisicki Cleveland. Ohio Crosley 749
  37 Henrv Lit Columbus. Ohio Allard 2/C 1490


Third Race -- 1:15 PM 8 laps (24.88 miles) Stock Volkswagens only - Class G
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  1 Charlie Ellmers Chagrin Falls. Ohio VW 1192
3rd 20 Ralph Durbin Birmingham.Mich VW 1160
  27 Ralph Wilson.Jr. Princeton. NJ VW 1182
  41 William G.Pickrel.Jr Dayton.Ohio VW 1192
 1st 42 Edward Hancock Ypsilanti.Mich VW 1192
  47 Harman Emmert Cleveland.Ohio VW 1192
  48 Vincent Penote Shaker Heights.Ohio VW 1192


Fourth Race -- l:l5. P.M. 12 laps (37.2 miles) Up to 1500 supercharged - 1501 to 2000 unsupercharged
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
 3rd 3 Bob Lossman Rocky River.Ohio Triumph 1991
  10 Ralph Ziegler Pittsburgh.Penna Dorreti 1991
  22 Edwin E.Hobb.Jr Pontiav.Mich Morgan 1991
  23 Ben Hall Willoughby.Ohio Morgan 1996
 5th 24 Chuck Dietrich Sandusky.Ohio MGTC 1466
  25 Earl H. Uhr Lakewood Ohio Porsche 1488
  28 James Campbell E.Cleveland.Ohio Triumph Tr2 1991
  43 Thomas Payne Yipsilanti.Mich Arnolt Bristol 1992
 4th 44 Theodore Kessel Louisville.Ohio MGTF 1466
 7th 49 Herbert Kouns Columbus. Ohio MGTC 1376
 6th 51 Jim Brooks Lansing. Mich Triumph Tr2 1991
 1st 55 Joe Bojalad Pittsburgh. Penna A.C.Ace 1991


First Race - 10:15 AM 10 laps (31 miles)
All MG-Class G-to L300 cc and modified to TF 54 specs
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  2. Harry Constant Grosse Point Mich. MGTD 1250
  3. William R. Staufer. Jr. Parma. Ohio MGTD 1250
  4. Jolm P. Clurran M.D. Cleveland. Ohio MGTD 1250
  6. Charles A. Henry Bellevue. Ohio MGTC 1250
  8. Ted. Jayne Cleveland. Qhio MGTD 1250
  9. Charlie Ellmers Chagrin Falls. Ohio MGTC 1250
  12. Thornas K. Kramer Huron. Ohio MGTD 1250
  15 Art Brow Cleveland. Ohio MGTC 1250
  19. Jack Wilson Louisville. Ohio MGTD 1250
  21 Allen W. Hess Westlake. Ohio MGTD 1250
  22. Ralph Durbin Detroit. Mich. MGTF 1250
  25 Richard J. Kennedy Detroit. Mich. MGTF 1250
  33 Robert H.Beverly Sandusky. Ohio MGTD 1250
  35 Paul Woodruff Sandusky. Ohio MGTF 1250
  40 Calvin Gleason Detroit. Mich. MGTD 1250
  41. Ralph S Cadwallader Cleveland. Ohio MGTC 1250
  44 Orlie G. Ward Lincoln Park. Mich MGMKII 1250
  49. James F. Dever Lorain. Ohio MGTC 1250
  53 Fred Reynolds Irwin Pa MGTD 1250
  55. Ronald H McConnell Lakewood Ohio MGTC 1250
  58. Harry L.Keeler.Jr. Detroit. Mich. MGTD 1250
  67. Thomas L.Richardson Cleveland.Ohio MGTD 1250
  68 Robert J.Barsantee.Jr. Ann Arbor. Mich. MGTD 1250
  108. Robert Cron Titusville. Pa. MGTD 1250
Second Race 10 laps up to 750cc-class H unsupercharged but may be modified.
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  23. George Durblin Detroit. Mich. Renault 748
  26. John D Allen Cleveland.Ohio Crosley Spec. 724
  28. Charles A.Stoddard Menter Ohio Siata Spyder 750
  30. William G. Pickrel.Jr. Dayton. Ohio Renault 750
  31. Dick Yares Cleveland Ohio Bandini 748
  46. Theodore M. Kessel Akron.Ohio Kessel-Taylor 739
  41. Peter M. Dawson Birminghalm.Mich. Crosley 750
  48. Bert Lisicki Cleveland.Ohio Crosley 749
  71. Joseph R. Blaser South Euclid. Ohio Siata Spyder 750
  78 Earl C.Dow Canton Ohio Crosley Spec. 750
Third Race 10 laps -Two classes. 751 to 13OQcc and 1301 to 1500 cc, unsuperch'd, may be modif.
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  10 Charlie Ellmers Chagrin Falls.Ohio Lester MG 1300
  15 Robert Shea Fairview Park.Ohio MGTC 1250
  18 Michael Caparon Cleveland.Ohio MGTD 125O
  34 Walter P.Kern Boston. Mass. Siata 1090
  37 Donald D. Black Oak Park. Mich. Siata 1089
  43 Norman C. Bradley Cleveland.Ohio Volkeswagon 1160
  57 Joachim F.Kammer Pittsburgh.Pa Volkeswagon 1192
  60 Anatole C.Lapping Detroit.Mich Volkeswagon 1200
  64 Henry H.Dewey St.Clair Shores.Mich. Volkeswagon 1192
  65 William Wetzel Jr Ann Arbor.Mich. Volkeswagon 1192
  69 Kenneth Askew Ypsilanti. Mich Alfa Romeo 1300
  77 Wallace L.Stickler Dayton.Ohio VW Ghia 1192
  22 Ralph Durbin Detroit.Mich. MGTF 1250
  1. Franz J. Hannig Wheeling.W.Va. MGA 1500
  14. Jack F. Manting Big Rapids. Mich. Porsche Spyder 1486
  17. Charles E. Sherman Detroit. Mich. Porsche 1500
  27. Edward J. Hancock Ypsilanti.Mich Porsche Speedster 1500
  39. Eugene E Annabel Detroit. Mich. Porsche 1499
  42. Neil G. Dever Cleveland_Hts.Ohio MGA 1489
  45. Dale E. Smith Canal Fulton.Ohio MGA 1500
  51. Henry Dahl Warren. Pa MGA 150O
  52. Barnie Burnett Akron.Ohio Porsche 1488
  59. Thomas G. Hallock Grosse Pointe Farms.M. MGTF l500
  66 Charles W. Allen III Maple Hts.Ohio Siata 1395
Fourth Race 12 laps (37.2 miles) to l500_supercharged - 1501 to 2000 unsuperch‘d (E)
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make Engine(cc)
  5 Earl F. Kornfeld Cleveland.Ohio Triumph Tr3 1991
  7. Robert K. Rippel Avon Lake.Ohio Triumph Tr3 1991
  11. Robert Lossman Rocky River. Qhio Triumph Tr3 1991
  13. J.Edward Hugus Pittsburgh. Pa Porsche 1488
  16. Ralph B. Wilson Princeton. N.J. Triumph Tr3 1991
  20. Ben Hall Willoughby. Ohio AC Ace 1991 .
  24. Charles H. Dietrich Sandusky. Ohio MGTC 1466
  29. Earl H. Uhr Cleveland.Ohio Porsche 1488
  32. Quay C Barber Lakewood. Ohio Triumph Tr2 1991
  36. Fletcher R.Andrews Jr. Warrensville Hts.Ohio Triumph Tr2 1991
  38 William E. Bradley Detroit. Mich. Siata 1996
  16 Jack Taylor Barberton.Ohio Kessel-Tay1or 730
  50. Eugene Gettig Ellwood City. Pa Triumph Tr3 1991
  54 Tom Payne Ypsilanti. Mich. Arnolt Bristol 1971
  56 Edward B.Eichenlaub.Jr. Ellwood City. Pa. Triumph Tr3 1991
  51. Norman P. Wintermute Detroit. Mich. Triumph Tr2 1991
  52 Robert J.Shaver Grosse Pointe. Mich. Morgan Plus 4 2088
  53 Herbert H. Kouns Columbus. Ohio MGTC 1376
  70. Ronald B. DeBruin Dearborn. Mich. Triumph Tr2 1991
  72 Edwin P. Lawrence III Detroit. Mich. Morgan Plus_4 1991


First Race - 10:15 A.M. - all MG's Class G.Prod. (10 laps - 31 miles)
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  4 GP Ronald Kehl Lakewood. Ohio MGTD
  5 GP Charles Henry Bellevue. Ohio MGTC
  9 GP Theodore C. Ley Euclid. Ohio MGTC
  12 GP Robert Shea Fairview Park. Ohio MGTC
  14 GP William Staufer Middleburg Heights.Ohio MGTD
  22 GP Ralph Cadwallader Lakewood. Ohio MGTC
  23 GP Charles Ellmers Lyndhurst. Ohio MGTC
  31 GP Walter Hemann Cleveland. Ohio MGTC
  33 GP John Leeson Poland. Ohio MGTD
  37 GP Peter Owen Detroit. Mich. MGTD
  39 GP Martin Alperstein State College. Pa. MGTC
  44 GP John Curran.M.D. Cleveland Heights. Ohio MGTD
  52 GP Roger Riley Springfield. Ohio MGTD
  56 GP Donald E. Wolf Cleveland. Ohio MGTD
  63 GP Charles C. Tipton Lakewood. Ohio MGTD
  67 GP Ralph L. Durbin Detroit. Mich. MGTF
  76 GP Norris Hartshorn Cleveland Heights. Ohio MGTF
  79 GP Thomas Richardson Cleveland. Ohio MGTD
  81 GP Al Beaver Columbus. Ohio MGTF
  85 GP John Thompson Ecorse. Mich. MGTD
  87 GP Allan Hess Center Ridge. Ohio MGTD
  153 GP Henry J. Dahl Warren. Pa. MGTD
  95 GP J. William Edwards Ann Arbor. Mich MGTD
Alt 97 GP Norman Harrison Pontiac. Mich. MGTD
Alt 101 GP John Tame Cleveland Heights. Ohio MGTF


Second Race - 10 laps Classes - I Prod. 500-750cc. G Mod.750-1100. H. Mod. 500-750cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  45 IP Richard Dohman Detroit. Mich. Renau1t'49
  46 IP George Durbin Detroit. Mich. Renau1t‘56
  73 IP Joachim Kammer Pittsburgh. Pa. Renault Alp.
  69 GM Ned E. Kampe Dayton. Ohio Morris Minor
  158 GM Tom Hallock Grosse Point Farms. Mich. Cooper Climax
  3 GM Richard Brown Lyndhurst. Ohio Siata Spyder
  54 GM Charles Dietrich Sandusky. Ohio Elva Mk II
  24 HM Willim Pickrel.Jr. Dayton. Ohio Renault
  17 HM Melvin Sachs Cleve1and. Ohio Bandini
  27 HM Theodore Kessel Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio Dow Special
  43 HM John D. Allen C1eve1and. Ohio Crosley Spec.
  1 HM Charles Stoddard Mentor. Ohio Siata Spyder
  2 HM Al Beasley Mentor. Ohio Siata Spyder
  35 HM Arthur Brennan Bloomfie1d Hills. Mich. Crosley
  55 HM Col.Ned T. Norris Fort Knox. Ky. Crosley Sup. Sp.
  77 HM Herb Whiting Cleveland. Ohio Siata Crosley
  98 HM William Lindsay New Carlisle. Ohio Renault
  99 HM Clark P. Iurner Yellow Springs Crosley Sug.Sp.


Third Race - 10 lap Classes - H. Prod. 750-1000cc‘s. G Prod.100O-1300cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  14 GP Arthur Brow Cleveland. Ohio MGTD
  16 GP William Cowan Lakewood. Ohio VW Ghia
  47 GP Robert Newman Akron.Ohio VW
  53 GP Eugene Annabel Detroit.Mich Porsche Super
  68 GP Ralph Durbin Detroit. Mich. Alfa Romeo
  66 GP Eugene Shanahan Vandalia.Ohio VW
  82 GP Robert Snider Lancaster.Ohio VW
  34 GP Edward Hugus Pittsburgh. Pa Alfa Romeo
  79 GP Thomas Richardson Cleveland. Ohio MGTD
  92 GP Joe Gillespie.Jr. Bellefontaine. Ohio VW
  93 GP J.R McMasters Sewickley Pa Alfa Romeo
  97 GP Norman Harrison Pontiac.Mich MGTD
  101 GP John Tame Cleveland Heights. Ohio MGTF
  74 GP James E.McNally Pittsburgh.Pa. Renault


Fourth Race - l0 1aps Class-F Prod. l300-l600cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  15 FP Neil Dever Rocky River.Ohio MGA
  21 FP Edward Eichenlaub.Jr. Ellwood City. Pa Porsche Cpe
  26 FP Lee Beck Allen Park. Mich Porsche
  113 FP Tom Payne Ypsilanti.Mich Porsche
  41 FP Barnie Burnett Akron.Ohio MGA
  57 FP Ronald A. Royal Youngstown.Ohio MGA
  61 FP Richard H. Dittus Taylor Center.Mich MGA
  62 FP Charles Kelsey.Jr. Shaker Heights.Ohio MGA
  64 FP Fred Quattullo Euclid. Ohio MGA
  65 FP John J Sheridan Lakewood. Ohio Porsche Speedst.
  71 FP Robert Lower Kent.Ohio Porsche
  75 FP Edward Hancock Ypsilanti Mich. Porsche super
  83 FP Marcel Dupont Mt. Clemens. Mich Porsche Speedst
  94 FP Martin Edwards Ann Arbor.Mich Porsche


Fifth Race - 12 laps C1asses - E Prod. 1600-2000cc's F mod 1100-1500cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  6 EP Richard J. Kennedy Detroit Mich. Morgan Tr3
  7 EP Robert K. Rippel Avon Lake. Ohio Triumph Tr3
  8 EP Fletcher R Andrews. Jr. Cleveland Heights.Ohio Triumph Tr3
  11 EP Robert Parsons Lakewood. Ohio Triumph Tr3
  13 EP Tom Payne Ypsilanti.Mich AC Bristol
  49 EP Alfred D. Miller Akron. Ohio Triumph Tr3
  29 EP Ben Hall Willoughby. Ohio A.C. Ace
  32 EP Eugene Gettig Akron. Ohio Triumph Tr3
  34 EP Robert Lossman Rocky River.Ohio Triumph‘57
  38 EP Quay Barber Lakewood. Ohio Triumph'55
  42 EP Edward Houlehan Detroit. Mich Morgan
  48 EP Norman von Wintetmute Detroit. Mich. Triumph Tr2
  86 EP Edwin P Lawrence III Wyondotte. Mich. A.C. Ace Cpe.
  19 EP James W. Whitlow Springfield.Ohio Triumph Tr3
  72 EP John Petrone Youngstown. Ohio Triumph'56
  91 EP Robert Franklin Jackson. Mich. A.C. Ace
  96 EP William Hutchinson St. Clair Shores. Mich. Triumph Tr3
  10 FM Ted.Jayne Cleve1and.Ohio Lester MG
  78 FM William Bradley Detroit.Mich MGTC
  25 FM Herb Swan Cleveland. Ohio Offy Siata
  126 FM Carl A. Haas Lincolnwood. Ill. Porsche Spyd.
  89 FM Bernard L. Keller Mansfie1d. Ohio Siata Porsche




First Race - 10.30 AM - all MG's - Class G Prod. ‘ (10 laps - 31 miles)
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  3 GP William Staufer Middleburg Hts. Ohio MGTD
  4 GP Ralph Cadwallader Lakewood. Ohio MGTC
  7 GP John Tame Cleveland Hts. Ohio MGTF
  10 GP Ted Ley Euclid Ohio MGTC
  11 GP Charles Tipton Lakewood Ohio MGTD
  16 GP Martin Alperstein State College Penna. MGTC
  17 GP Charles Henry Bellevue Ohio MGTC
  44 GP Ronald Kehl Lakewood Ohio MGTD
  47 GP Al Weaver Columbus Ohio MGTF
  49 GP Bill Henry Wayne Mich. MGTD
  ll GP Ralph Durbin Detroit Mich. MGTF
  74 GP Allen Hess Westlake Ohio MGTD
  80 GP Willard Whisler Mansfield Ohio MGTC
  82 GP Thomas Kersey Grand Rapids Mich MGTD
  86 GP Jack Hargreaves Detroit Mich. MGTD
  91 GP William Malion Cuyahoga Falls Ohio MGTD
  98 GP Bernard Miske Cuyahoga Falls Ohio MGTD
  101 GP Elvadore Cranage Jr. Cleveland Ohio MGTC
  102 GP Richard Reihm Oak Park Mich. MGTF
  103 GP John Bernard Warrensville Hts.Ohio MGTF


Second Race - 10 laps Classes: I Prod.5OO-75Occ. G Mod.75O-llOOcc. H Mod.5OO-75Occ's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  1 HM Al Beasley Mentor Ohio Siata Spyder
  2 GM Richard Brown South Euclid Ohio Siata Spyder
  6 GM Robert Lossman Rocky River Ohio Morris Minor
  26 IP Charles Stoddard Mentor Ohio Izetta
  28 GM Alfred Miller Akron Ohio Fairthorpe
  35 IP Gene Tyrone Westlake Ohio Renault
  36 GM Burdette Martin Jr. Northfield Ill. Elva Mark III
  43 HM Martin Tanner Saginaw Mich. Martin T
  48 IP William Pickrel Jr. Dayton Ohio Renault
  51 IP Willis Grant Canton Ohio Saab
  58 GM William Bradley Detroit Mich. Elva Mark III
  71 HM James Eichenlaub Ellwood City Penna. Bandini
  75 HM Vince Morency Ferndale Mich. Crosley
  83 IP James Whitlow Springfield Ohio Renault
  94 KP Don Drensky Cleveland Ohio Berkeley
  95 HM Robert Snider Lancaster Ohio Crosley
  96 GM Charles Dietrich Sandusky Ohio Elva Mark III
  99 IP Bernard Miske Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Renault
  l06 HM Bruce Townsend Hudson Ill. Crosley Sp.
  119 HM John Allen Shaker Hts. Ohio Allen Crosley
Alt l05 KP Clark Turner. Yellow Springs. Ohio Berkeley
Alt 107 KP William Seeley. Yellow Springs. Ohio Berkeley
Alt l22 KP Edwin Weatherup. Yellow Springs. Ohio Berkeley
Alt l23 HM Herman Emmert. Cleveland. Ohio Crosley


Third Race - 10 laps Classes: H Prod.750 - lOOOcc. G Prod.lOOO - l300cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  3 GP William Staufer Middleburg Hts. Ohio MGTD
  8 GP Ivan Trofimov Cleveland Ohio Alpha Romeo
  18 GP Edward Lidgard Royal Oak Mich. Volkeswagon
  21 HP Arthur Brow Lakewood Ohio Turner
  25 HP Ralph Durbin Detroit Mich. Sprite
  24 HP John Birchfield Jr. Wickliffe Ohio Morris Minor
  25 GP Charles Stoddard Mentor Ohio Alpha Romeo
  27 GP Robert Rippel Elyria Ohio ? Simca
  32 HP Eugene Shanahan Vandalia Ohio Turner
  33 GP Norris Hartshorn Brentwood Miss. Alpha Romeo
  46 GP Joe Diamond Detroit Mich. Alpha Romeo
  52 GP J.L.Chausee Dearborn Mich. Volkeswagon
  56 GP William Bradley Detroit Mich. Alpha Romeo
  59 GP Harvey Seel Avon Lake .Ohio Simca
  60 GP Robert Watson Detroit Mich. VW Ghia
  63 GP L.D.Morrisett Jr.LTJG Grosse Ile Mich. Alpha Romeo
  64 GP Leslie Smith Detroit Mich. VW Ghia
  77 GP Richard Cremer New Hudson Mich. Alfa Romeo Spyder
  78 GP Al Allin Grand Rapids Mich. Alfa Romeo
  81 GP Harry Constant Grosse Pointe Mich. Alfa Romeo Spyder
Alt 92 GP William Malion. Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio Alfa Romeo
Alt l08 GP Paul Woodruff. Sandusky. Ohio . Volkeswagon
Alt l09 HP Dale Smith. Canal Fulton. Ohio Turner
Alt ll0 HP Henry Dahl. Warren. Penna. Morris


Fourth Race - l0 laps Class: F Prod.1300 - l600cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  13 FP Tom Payne Ypsilanti Mich. Volvo
  15 FP Bud Pell Detroit Mich. MGA
  20 FP Roland Payne Lakewood Ohio MGA
  30 FP Fred Reynolds Irwin Penna. MGA
  45 FP Robert Mollman Bedford Hts. Ohio Volvo
  50 FP Stephen Wilder New York City N.Y. Porsche Super
  53 FP Robert Wheaten Cleveland Ohio MGA
  61 FP John McManus Cleveland Ohio MGA
  67 FP Donald Wolf E. Cleveland Ohio Porsche
  68 FP Albert Close Detroit Mich. Porsche
  69 FP Hank Handley Detroit Mich. MGA
  76 FP Clement Mendham Roseville Mich. MGA
  79 FP Howard Johnson Mayfield Hts. Ohio . MGA
  81 FP William Strand Brecksville Ohio Porsche
  85 FP Del Lance Dearborn Mich. MGA
  88 FP Barnie Burnett Akron Ohio MGA
  93 FP William Malion Cuyahoga Falls Ohio MGA
  97 FP Philip Forsythe Elyria Ohio MGA
  117 FP Edward Eichenlaub Jr. Ellwood City Penna. Porsche Speed.
  121 FP Homer Dasey Pittsburgh Penna. MGA
Alt 90 FP Robert Floeck. Greenville. Ohio MGA
Alt 113 FP Leland Beck. Allen Park. Mich. Porsche
Alt 104 FP Dudley Deimel. Columbus. Ohio MGA
Alt 114 FP Richard Dittus. Taylor Center. Mich. Porsche


Fifth Race - l2 laps Classes: E Prod.1600 - 2000cc. F Mod.ll00 - l500cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  9 EP D.Keith Whaley Willowick Ohio Triumph
  12 EP Richard Cook Lakewood Ohio Morgan
  19 EP Quay Barber Cleveland Ohio Triumph
  22 EP John Tewich Cleveland Ohio Triumph
  29 FM Ted Jayne Cleveland Ohio Lester MG
  31 EP Ben Hall Willoughby Ohio Ace
  34 EP Gordon Harrison Pontiac Mich. Morgan
  38 EP Thomas Munson Lathrup Village. Mich. Triumph
  39 EP John Petrone Youngstown Ohio Triumph
  41 EP Charles Markmann New York City N.Y. Triumph
  54 FM Manfred Holder Cleveland Ohio Porsche 550
  55 EP Robert Samm. Monroeville Penna. Triumph
  57 FM Bernie Keller Mansfield Ohio Porsche 550
  62 EP Norman Clark Xenia Ohio Triumph
  65 FM S.L.Baughman Lucas Ohio Porsche 550
  72 EP Edwin Lawrence Detroit Mich. Ace
  73 EP F.Reed Andrews Jr. Cleveland Hts. Ohio Triumph TR3
  87 EP William Hutchinson St.Clair Shores Mich. Arnolt Bristol
  100 EP Bernard Miske Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Frazer Nash
  167 EP Ed McBryde Detroit Mich. Arnolt Bristol
Alt 89 EP Fred Quartullo. Euclid. Ohio Triumph
Alt 111 EP Raymond Baldwin. Hamburg. N.Y. Triumph
Alt 115 EP Forbes Howard. Grosse Points. Mich. Triumph
Alt 116 EP Ron Alexander. Youngstown. Ohio Triumph


First Race - 10:30 AM - 10 laps - 31 miles Classes: G Prod. MG's, G Prod. 1000-1300cc's, J Prod. 350-500cc's'
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  2 GP Ralph Cadwallader Lakewood Ohio MGTC
4th-4thGP 3 GP William R.Staufer Parma Ohio MGTD
5th 5 GP John S Tame Cleve. Heights . Ohio MGTF
3rd-3rdGP 8 GP Ivan Trofimov Cleveland Ohio Alfa Romeo
  17 GP Russ Smith Akron Ohio Alfa Romeo
  21 JP Ted Jayne Cleveland Ohio Berkeley
1st-1stGP 22 GP Clarles Stoddard Mentor Ohio Alfa Romeo
2nd JP 25 JP Robert Stewart ? Cleveland Ohio? Goggomobil
  33 GP Al Miller Akron Ohio Fairthorpe
  34 GP Al Weaver Columbus Ohio MGTF
1st JP 46 JP William Pickrel Jr. Dayton Ohio Berkeley
  50 GP Willard Whisler Mansfield Ohio MGTC
6th 51 GP Charles Fela Akron Ohio MGTD
  58 GP Neil Dever Rocky River Ohio Alfa Romeo
  61 GP Edward J. Lidgard Royal Oak Mich. Volkeswagon
  65 GP Earl Kulgoske Massillon Ohio MGTD
  66 GP Ralph L.Durbin Detroit Mich. MGTF
  74 JP Robert H. Johnstone Akron Ohio Fiat Bianchina
  78 GP James G. Farley Marion Ohio Alfa Romeo
2nd-2ndGP 94 GP David Elder Rochester N. Y. Alfa Romeo
  100 GP William Malion Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Alfa Romeo


Second Race - 10 laps Classes: I Prod. 500-750cc's H Mod. 500-750cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  0 IP Richard H.Dittus Taylor Mich. Saab
  1 HM Alvin Beasley Mentor Ohio Siata Spyder
  23 HM Vincent Morency Ferndale Mich. Crosley
4th-3rdIP 30 IP Willis J. Grant Canton Ohio Saab
DNF Valve 41 IP Norman Bradley Euclid Ohio Fiat Abarth
  42 HM Ronald Dow Canton Ohio Crosley Spec.
  48 IP Ben Shoemaker Massillon Ohio Fiat 600
  49 HM Kaye Hier Stow Ohio Siata
  59 HM Harvey G. Seel Avon Lake Ohio Crosley Spec.
  60 HM Robley Jones Jr. Lorain Ohio Fiat Special
  72 HM Phillip Reynolds Jackson Mich. Crosley Spec.
  75 HM Melvin L. Sachs Cleveland Ohio OSCA
3rd-2ndIP 76 IP David E. Stone Shaker Hts. Ohio Fiat Abarth
2nd-1stIP 80 IP Robert Stein Shaker Hts. Ohio Fiat Abarth
  81 IP George Squire Fairborn Ohio Crosley Hotshot
  84 HM James F. Lang Fort Wayne Indiana Bandini
  86 HM Lt. L.D.Morrisett Jr. Grosse Ile Mich. Renault Alpine
1st-1stHM 88 HM Robert Samm Monroeville Penna. Lotus Mk VII
  96 HM Herman C. Emmert Cleveland Ohio Fiat
  155 HM Harry Constant Grosse Pointe Mich. Siata Crosley
Third Race - 10 laps Class: H Prod. 750-1000cc‘s
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  4 HP Jack Uhr Lakewood Ohio Sprite
DNF 9 HP Arthur A. Brow Lakewood Ohio Turner
  10 HP Stephan Ivanyi . Grafton Ohio Morris
3rd 15 HP Meacham Hitchcock Shaker Hts.Ohio Sprite
  16 HP Ecurie Elf Wickliffe Ohio Sprite
  20 HP Ronald A. Miller Lakewood Ohio Sprite
  28 HP Harry Griebling Lexington Ohio Sprite
  39 HP Gene E. Tyrone Westlake Ohio Sprite
  43 HP Robert G.Newman Akron Ohio Turner
  45 HP Leslie C.Smith Detroit.Mich Sprite
  52 HP Win Reed Pontic.Mich Auto Union
  54 HP George Williams Akron Ohio Turner
  57 HP Marvin Schwedler Warren Mich Sprite
  62 HP Thomas E. Cones Cincinnati Ohio Sprite
  64 HP Donald H. Gardner Euclid Ohio Sprite
  82 HP Frank E. Thomas Sandusky Ohio Sprite
  83 HP Edward Houlehan Garden City Mich. Turner
1st-1stHP 87 HP Dudley C.Deimel Columbus Ohio Sprite
  89 HP Ronald L.Ulmer North Eaton Ohio Morris
  91 HP Anton V. Stica Detroit Mich. Sprite
  136 HP Herb Whiting Cleveland Ohio Sprite
  189 HP H.Ronald Cowan Grand Rapids Mich. Turner
2nd-2ndHP 98 HP Thomas F. Kersey Grand Rapids. Mich. Turner


Fourth Race - 10 laps Classes: F Prod. 1300-1600cc's. G Mod. 750-1100cc's
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  11 FP Charles Tipton Cleveland Ohio MGA
  l2 FP Howard E.Johnson Mayfield Hts. Ohio MGA
DSQ 13 FP Tom Payne Ann Arbor A Mich. Porsche Speedster
  19 FP Robert L. Bub Gates Mills Ohio MGA
  24 FP Roy G.Orr Columbus Ohio Porsche
2nd-1stGM 31 GM Robert D.Wearn Columbus Ohio Elva Mk 11
  44 FP Ronald G. Kehl Berea Ohio Riley 1.5
1st-1stFP 47 FP John P. Curran M. D. Cleveland Hts. Ohio Porsche Carrera
  55 FP Robert E. Stein Shaker Hts. Ohio Elva Courier
  56 FP Sidney L. Baughman Lucas Ohio Porsche Carrera
  67 FP Albert R. Close Detroit Mich. Porsche Super
  68 FP William Hutchinson St. Clair Shores Mich. Elva Courier
3rd-2ndFP 70 FP Paul R. Vollmar Sandusky Ohio Porsche
  71 FP Bill Strand Brecksville Ohio Porsche
  73 FP Art Riley Franklin Square N. Y. Volvo
  79 FP Scott D. Harvey Dearborn Mich. Porsche
  114 GM Bernie Keller Mansfield Ohio Lotus LeMans
  117 FP Roger Many Hamilton Ohio MGA
DNF T-Pole 131 GM Charles Dietrich Jr. Sandusky Ohio Elva Mk IV
  143 FP Quay Barber Lakewood Ohio MGA
  193 GM Alan R. Patterson McKeesport Penna. Elva Mk IV
  717 FP Fred C. Reynolds Sr. Irwin Penna. MGA
Alt 101 FP Phillip Forsythe Elyria. Ohio Elva Courier


Fifth Race - 12 laps Classes: E Prod. 1600-2000cc's. F Mod. 1100-1500cc‘s
Pos. No. Driver Entrant Make
  6 EP Quay Barber Lakewood Ohio Triumph
  7 EP Fletcher R.Andrews Jr. Cleveland Hts. Ohio Triumph
  14 EP Richard S.Cook Lakewood Ohio Morgan
  18 EP John H. McCann Bay Village Ohio Triumph
  26 EP Curt R. Gifford Williams Bay Mich. Morgan
  27 EP Gordon E. Harrison Pontiac Mich. Morgan
  29 FM Bud Pell Detroit Mich. Lotus Mk VI
  32 EP Alton P. Rogers Niles Ohio . Morgan
  35 EP Alan K. Vegan Canton Ohio Triumph
  36 EP Lt.Leo J May Columbus Ohio AC Bristol
  37 FM Charlie Ellmers Wil1oughby.Ohio Lester MG
  38 EP Robert K. Rippel Elyria Ohio Triumph
  40 EP B.A. Miske Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Frazer Nash
  53 EP William S.Schwedler Detroit Mich. Morgan
  63 EP Walter F. Abbott Canton Ohio AC Bristol
  69 EP Charles H.Dietrich Jr. Sandusky Ohio Arnolt Bristol
  77 EP Ernest G.Davis Dearborn Mich. Triumph
  85 EP James Mackenzie Cleveland Ohio Triumph
  93 FM William E. Bradley Detroit Mich. Elva MkIII
  116 FM E.F.Spicer Salisbury Conn. Maserati
  129 FM Manfred Holder Cleveland Ohio Porsche 550
  159 EP Richard Denny Garden City Mich. Triumph
2nd-2ndFM 95 FM Jack Manting Big Rapids. Mich. Porsche 550
Alt. 97 EP Arthur H. Novak Royal Oak Mich. Triumph
Alt. 99 FM Martin.   Elva 1500


The 1963 Race was sanctioned by the SCCA out of Detroit and there were 100 entries (cars were turned away). It was run on a shortened course (avoiding downtown Put-in-Bay), but we have been unable to find an entry list yet.

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